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About Broken Links Finder

Welcome to our broken links finder tool. Broken links mean the pages of a website which shows 404 error page. This kind of broken links can be very harmful to your site user experience and on your site reputation. Broken links also can create a bad effect on your search engine ranking.

When a webpage's permalink has been changed or deleted, the link of the webpage is broken. If a user target to visit a webpage which isn't available, then it also can be happened.

Our tool will find out all the broken links on your site within less than a single minute and give you the complete report about whether your site's every internal and external link is broken or not.

This tool is very simple to use, just give the URL of the site you want to check and submit, our tool will scan the full website and extract all the internal and external link status are broken or not within a single click. In the report you can show both Status Code and Status for every webpage or link.

Our website broken link checker online tool can scan any site and give the accurate report in a easy and well-designed form. It doesn't require any registration or signup or downloading any software, even you can use this tool as much you want without spending a penny.