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Welcome to our free page speed checker tool which can give you the details report of your web page speed. Now, webpage speed is one of the most important things of Google's ranking. Webmasters must give attention to their site's speed cause today which site load faster and quicker, get easily the top ranking in search engines.

If your site takes a longer time to load, then visitors click out. Nowadays visitors of every site prefer extremely fast loading site. So page speed is crucial for every webmaster in the online market.

We have professionally developed our free website page speed checker tool so that you can check whether your page loads faster or slower. Our tool will generate the complete report of your website loading speed so that you can notice that which page or graphic takes how much time to load.

Simply enter the URL of your site and submit, our tool will scan your site and extract all CSS links load time, images load time, script loading time and other resource loading time and give you the complete report in a table format. Even our tool will provide you that how many seconds need a particular page or image took to load completely.

By the help of our tool, you can quickly see what's the page loading time of your site and compare with the page speeds of other popular sites. By this report which will provide by our tool, you can easily notice which page or graphic of your website takes too much time to load.

Our tool is best cause it's free, simple and fast to give you the accurate report about the exact loading time taken by every element of your website. Even you can check unlimited site per day with our free web page speed checker tool without any registration or signup.

When your website loads faster, then it will not only improve the lower the bounce rate and user experience but also can help to improve your ranking in search engines.