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Welcome to our best web page size checker tool which can give you the report about the size of your web pages so that you can take action to reduce the size to improve the page loading time and speed.

Every visitors to any website prefers sites which load faster if a site takes a long time to load the user can go to another site. So every webmaster must focus on the website's loading speed which also plays a vital role to improve ranking in search engines. All major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo like to rank the fastest loading website.

Visitors like quality contents with useful information, images and videos but they hate also the website which loads slowly. So, you must ensure that your site loads as quickly as possible with all contents.

Our website page size checker tool is very simple and easy to use. Simply enter your webpage URL and click on the Submit button, our tool will give you page size in both Bytes and Kilobyte formats within a minute.

If you update your site regularly with new contents, images and videos then you must check your website size regular basis. Fastest loading speed of web pages is most important for lower bounce rate and good user experience. It also improves the ranking in search engines.

You must optimize the size of your web page's images like a 1000X1000 pixels image takes a longer time to load more than 300X300 pixels image. So, always reduce the image size which you want to use in your web pages. If you don't have any experience with about how to reduce image size with photoshop, you can use an easy online image size reducer tool to reduce your image without losing quality. Another thing, you can use browser caching for your web pages on your hosting server.