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About AVG Antivirus Checker

Welcome to our avg antivirus check website tool which will help you to scan any site for different viruses and notifies you immediately if it founds any virus on the site. Our tool is very simple and easy to use, just enter the URLs of the site you want to check, this tool will scan the full site and give you the accurate report of virus status of the site. You can also use our tool to check up to 20 URLs at once.

Today, almost every online data is exposed to all visitors or users. Think if you have a popular website, it can be daily accessed by millions of people online. If your site has a big number of visitors or users then it can possible to be affected your site by malware, viruses, trojans or spyware. It can either enter to your website by the hacker or user pc. After entering this to your site, it can damage your website health so quickly.

If you are a webmaster then you must take care of your site and protect it from malware, viruses, trojans etc which will be harmful to your site. Sometimes the website is affected by the virus but the site owner even knows it. So, you must check whether your site is affected by viruses or not by our free avg antivirus online scanner for website tool on regular basis. Any virus can damage your website's health so it makes bad effect on user experience and ranking in search engines.

You can easily use our tool without any worries cause our tool is free, fast and give you the accurate report. Even our tool is so simple cause you don't need to do any registration, signup or downloading any software.