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Welcome to our free link analyzer tool which gives you the complete report of your site's Total Links, Internal Links, External Links and DoFollow, NoFollow Links. Simply enter the URL of your website and click on the Submit button, our free online tool will analyze your site and give you the complete report about your site link within a minute.

If there is a link in different pages into the same domain or site, it called internal link. The Internal link is similar to your website's navigation menu. In the navigation menu, there are links to different pages in the same domain or site.

If there is a link which is linked to another domain or site, it called external link. If you make a link from your site to then it is an external link.

Our best free link analysis tools will give you the complete link analysis report in a perfect format so that you can easily check the ration between the external and internal links of your site. It is also very helpful for online marketers to research any site that is linked to their site.

Some online marketers earn money by giving the complete link analysis report to their client. So you can use our free online link analysis tool in this kind of smart way too!