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About Google Malware Checker

Welcome to our google malware detection tool, by this tool you can detect the malware activity on any site. If you are hesitant about a site and think that the site has something wrong, you can simply enter the URL of the site and our tool will let you know that the site is safe or not. Our google free malware checker tool can scan any website within a minute and can give you the result. We use Google’s safe browsing technology in this tool.

Give the URL of your site here and our tool will redirect your site to Google’s safe browsing site status page. If Google finds any unsafe content, it will give you a report about the suspicious activity of the site.

If your site getting malware attack, then Google will de-index your site from their search results. So you just need to check your site regularly with our free website malware checker tool. Our tool can provide an instant report if your site has any virus, malware, fraud or phishing activity.

There is many more tool online but our best free website malware scanner tool is 100% safe. Even there are some tools online by hackers to check your site malware status but be careful they can steal your site information which may create the problem in future. So you can use our free google malware checker tool cause it's trusted, safe and easy.