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About Google Cache Checker

Welcome to our google cache checker online tool. Your site is ranking high in Google if you publish fresh, unique and human-readable content to your site. When the spider of Google crawls your site, it takes a snapshot of every page of your site and stores as the backup. Then, if anyone searches a phrase or keyword in Google, the cached of the site is used by Google to find whether it matches with the searched keyword or not. It is very useful if your site is temporarily down due to any technical issues for a bit.

Our tool is very simple and easy to use, just give the URL of your site and submit, our tool will provide the exact date and time Google produced your site's most recent cached version. You can check multiple sites at once, check up to 20 URLs at once with our bulk google cache checker tool.

This tool is very helpful for webmasters who want to know how often their site is being cached by Google. By giving your website URL to Our tool, It will simply display the report that showing you the exact date and time of your website was last screened by Google crawlers. If in the result there isn't any cached version of your site show, please take quick action. It can happen if your site is already penalized by Google or Google can't crawl your website.

Our tool doesn't need any signup or registraion or downloading any software. You can use this tool very easily only by visiting to our site.