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Welcome to our best free online keyword density checker tool. You must ensure that your site's content is rich in keywords. Which content have more good keyword phrases is more SEO friendly.

By using our free keyword density checker tool, you can easily know the percentage and amount of keywords used on your site. You can find which keywords are mostly used and which not.

Just enter the URL of your site and click on the Submit button. Our free keyword density checker tool online will extract all the keywords data from your site and give you the report within a minute.

Over-optimizing keywords and under-optimized keywords both can hurt your site and work as obstacle in SEO ranking. Now you maybe think that how you can find which keywords are over-optimized and which is under-optimized, it's simple just use our free online keyword density checker tool. Our tool will give you the report on the density of keywords and phrases found on your site which helps you to know the most relevant keywords for your website.