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Welcome to our best free backlink checker tools. This tool will help you to get quick the complete backlink report of any website. No matter how much backlinks the site has, our free online backlink checker tools will find the total amount of backlinks of the site with a single click.

Our best backlink checker tool is 100% free and doesn't require any signup or registration. Just simply enter your domain name and get the report of the total amount of backlinks.

If you have spammy backlinks to your website, it will harm your SEO ranking and top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing could even penalize your website and deindex it. So, you must create the backlinks for your website carefully. If you already made bad backlinks by mistake then remove those backlinks which are irrelevant or spammy as soon as possible.

By this free website backlink checker tool, you can find out the total amount of backlinks of your competitor's site and easily can get an idea that how much backlinks you would need to bit your competitors.

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