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About Server Status Checker

Welcome to our free server status checker tool which can help you to check your server status online or offline. Our tool is very helpful to them who want to check regularly their website's server status. We make it professionally and you can use this tool for free cause we want to help every webmaster by giving a simple and easy solution to this complicated task.

Our server status check tool is very simple to use, just enter the URL of your site and press the Submit button, our tool will give you details information about your site's server status like HTTP Code, Response Time and Online or Offline Status. You can give bulk URL up to 100 at once and get the complete report of every URL or website at once within a minute.

We provide the best premium SEO tools for free to our users to make their SEO research easier and faster. We have developed this tool professionally and still now working on it to improve. If you check every site by visiting one by one it will be a very suffering matter for you. But now by using our free server status checker tool, you can check a bundle of site's server status at once.

Our tool can give you the accurate server status report within a minute only, no matter how many sites you give.

This tool generates the report of server status in a proper table form. Besides the Server Status, this tool also gives you the HTTP Code and Response Time information. If your checking site is running well it shows Online and if not it shows Offline in the report.

In the past, if webmasters want to check that their sites are running good or not to the worldwide users, it was very difficult. But now by using our tool, you can check your site's server status without any hassle. Our aim is giving a simple and easy solution to any complex task for webmasters and online marketers.