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Welcome to our free website blacklist checker tool. Some webmasters are not aware of their site's IP is banned by search engines or not. If your site is deindexed by top search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, you must use our website blacklist checker tool to check whether your site is blacklisted or not.

You can use our tool simply, just enter the URL of your site and submit, our tool will find your entire site in all the blacklisted Ip address databases and files. If your site is found in the list of blacklisted IP addresses, you will get a complete report immediately.

Some years ago, online marketers need to do many complicated tasks to know whether their site is blacklisted or not in search engines. But now with the help of our free blacklist checker online tool, they can find out very easily their site's IP address blacklist status for free.

Our blacklist IP check tool is one of the best tool amount available tool online which doesn't require any registration, signup or downloading any software and give you the accurate result within a minute. You can use this tool to check the blacklist status if you want to purchase a site from others.